Superstyle Sofabeds

Sofabed sleepers really hit the best of both worlds: You have 24/7 seating, plus a built-in bed. They're ideal for hosting and welcoming visitors as well as enjoying romantic movie nights with your partner.

This sofabed catalog is a comprehensive publication showcasing a wide range of sofabeds offered by the Superstyle brand. It is designed to provide a detailed and visually appealing representation of their sofabed products to help you make informed choices when selecting furniture for your home or commercial space.

The catalog features sofabeds with various configurations.You have the option to customize certain aspects of the sofabed, such as fabric choices, or colors.

Style 628

Style 921


Style 930

Style 932

Style 945

Style 972

Style 1014

Style 1037

Style 1048

Style 1049

Style 1053

Style 1066

Style 5002

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Style 5003

Style 5101

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Style 5104

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Style 7002

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Style 7003

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Style 9350

Style 9539

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